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(no subject) [Dec. 25th, 2011|09:05 pm]

Inspired by similar works (and because I've started another fanfiction that I probably won't finish) I've decided to
put together what a remake of the first game would look like (conceptually) if made for the next gen (with my own
personal take on it, of course). First off are little blurbs about the 9 dungeons, their history, and what boss guards
the triforce piece. I've changed a couple of the bosses, mostly to add more variety.

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Gentle, A Turn-A Gundam ficlet [Aug. 11th, 2011|01:22 am]
Title: Gentle
Pairing: Diana x Loran
Theme: Cold/Gentle
Summary: Even the cold can have its uses.
Rated: T for suggestive themes.
Click Here for Fic.

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(no subject) [May. 1st, 2011|11:01 pm]
Justice is done. That man is dead.

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(no subject) [Aug. 8th, 2010|02:26 am]

This was rather fun for me. Although, to be honest, I didn't end up having enough time to really flesh out some of the ideas I had for some of the icons. The whole "starting a new job" thing can kind of throw off one's fandom related schedule.
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(no subject) [Feb. 21st, 2010|10:32 pm]
[Current Music |Phantoms of the Merchant Ship]

I'm on a major Glass Fleet kick lately (just rewatched the entire series over the past few days) and so I decided to finally write and publish a fic for the series.

This one is Post!Series, so duh yeah there's gonna be spoilers for those who haven't watched the series. (If you haven't, it's free to watch it streaming online. And legal, too, which is the best part)

Title: After it Ends, it Begins
Rating: K+
Genre: Hurt/Comfort and Romance
Pairings: Light VettixRacine
Status: Oneshot - Completed


Read it by clicking here...Collapse )


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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex 22 minute Sabotage match [Jan. 18th, 2010|07:38 pm]
Started in part 1.
Continued in part 2.
Concluded in part 3.

This one wore me out is all I'm saying. Had fun though.
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On Amatsuki....Chapter 44.. [Oct. 19th, 2009|04:39 pm]
Kuchiha's back, everybody!

I'm excited...(I want to see some TokiKuchi lovin' in the next few chapters though)
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Zelda Story [Jul. 11th, 2009|11:57 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Music |She's a Maniac]

I try not to be too conceited, (At least, not in a serioius fashion) but I have to admit that I love this fic. A lot of love went into this little oneshot of mine, so please read it and tell me what you think.
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Randomness is the best...ish medicine [Jul. 5th, 2009|12:25 am]
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[Current Mood |amusedamused]
[Current Music |Gangsta's Paradise]

This really isn't much, just a thought I thought I'd share.

Had a weird dream last night. For some reason my mind rewrote the ending of Naruto 454 to include two black haired Naruko's helping themselves to Karui, the Mayonnaise guy cooking pancakes for Sai and Sakura, and Danzo participating in, and winning, a breakdancing competition of all things.

Should I try not to play video games right before sleeping?
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(no subject) [Jun. 3rd, 2009|05:33 pm]
[Current Music |Sensacion - Tony Dize ft. Wisin y Yandel]

Ah, good times with 800x600 backgrounds...those were the days...

On that Hallowed Day
by ~bhhjyyk on deviantART

And for those who still haven't figured it out, yes, I am bhhjyyk on deviantart. And no, I still can't remember why I picked that name and not a derivitive of Karkashan. I think bhhjyyk may have been my handle on Metroid Prime: Hunters. That could have been it.

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